Fibremax on CAT7495HF

CAT 7495HF

Yet another world premiere for FibreMax. In the first quarter of 2016 we installed 2 sets boom pendants on the CAT7495HF electric rope shovels.

After exploring our clients needs, we designed a product with the following characteristics:

  • 90% less weight than steel
  • 2 to 3 times longer life span than steel
  • no maintenance
  • 35% more shock load forgiving

The combination of all these characteristics made them to choose FibreMax. One of the biggest challenges with mining machines is reducing down time and increasing safety!
Because of the higher stretch we are able to solve another big issue called “boom cracking”. When the operator “jack’s” the boom, a lot of high shock load is put on the pendant and boom. Because steel is non-forgiving this big shock load makes the welds in the boom crack. The FibreMax cable is more forgiving and absorbs the high shock load. Resulting in 50% ( !! ) less boom cracking.
When the pendant needs to be replaced eventually it takes only 1 day, because it is 90% lighter which also makes it a lot safer!

We already equipped 2 shovels with these pendants, the next sets will be installed later this year.

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About Fibremax

FibreMax lightweight precision cables are produced by using an unique and one-of-a-kind production process. All cables are produced with Endless Winding technology which is a totally automated process of continuous winding of parallel strands of fibres around two end fittings until the right cable strength or required cable stretch has been reached.