A parallel wound FibreMax cable with an MBL of almost 700 tons was recently supplied for an offshore anchoring application, engineered to withstand 30 million load cycles. The load bearing fibre was chosen for a calculated stretch requirement.

The typical FibreMax parallel wound cable takes maximum advantage of every fibre strand, minimizing the weight and diameter of the cable for the given MBL. The triple polyester braided covers ensure optimal protection against abrasion while at the same time warning the operator of damage through the colour coding.
The obvious advantages of a parallel wound fibre cable as opposed to steel wire-rope are:
>no corrosion, >no maintenance, >less weight, >no torsion, >no construction losses and >easy handling and deployment, hence lower installation costs.

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About Fibremax

FibreMax lightweight precision cables are produced by using an unique and one-of-a-kind production process. All cables are produced with Endless Winding technology which is a totally automated process of continuous winding of parallel strands of fibres around two end fittings until the right cable strength or required cable stretch has been reached.