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With tensile membrane structures it is possible to realize unique, iconic and elegant structures due to the unique flexible characteristics of the membrane. The lightweight nature of membrane is a cost effective solution that requires less structural steel to support the roof compared to conventional building materials, enabling long spans of column-free space. Tensile structures are supported by pretensioned guy cables. Pretension is tension artificially induced in the structural elements in addition to any self-weight or imposed loads they may carry. It is used to ensure that the normally very flexible structural elements remain stiff under all possible loads. FibreMax offers light weight cables that can be used to pretension the flexible structural elements.

They offer significant advantages over steel wire rope:

  • Cost-saving engineering and manufacturing because of more lightweight construction
  • Production of exact lengths with perfect repeatability for repeat orders or replacement
  • The terminations are custom engineered and can be designed to sizes suitable to the connecting points of the structure
  • Pre-stretching of the cables is not required because FibreMax cables have no construction stretch
  • Cables can be supplied in different colours to suit the structure
  • Less manpower and installation time required so reduced installation costs
  • Less (no) maintenance required

FibreMax can provide infrastructure companies, architects, designers and construction manufacturers with guy cables that suit their most demanding request. Guy cables of FibreMax can be used in suspension bridges and cable stayed bridges. FibreMax guy cables are especially of interest for suspensions bridges since as the span length of a suspension bridge increases, the weight of the main cables will increase in relation to the total weight of the suspended structure and a higher percentage of the cable stress will therefore be related to the self-weight of the cables themselves. With lightweight cables of FibreMax this stress will be greatly reduced.


Towers for telecommunication or antennas can be stabilized using FibreMax lightweight precision guy cables; ease of handling, non corrosive properties and the lack of electrical conduction make them ideal for these applications. Antenna guy cables from FibreMax are mainly produced with aramid fibres. Aramid fibres have excellent dielectric properties and very low-to-zero creep properties which make them an ideal solution for telecommunication tower guys. Aramid guy cables have a low weight compared to steel (up to 90% less) which creates less tension in the supported tower thus enabling the use of more transmitters.


Cable supported roofs are well used in modern architecture; not only can cables offer very attractive design possibilities, but cables also offer possibilities that are unable to achieve with steel or concrete. Cable supported roofs are light and elegant. Cable-stayed roof structures can create dramatic structures that enclose large volume column-free spaces, and still provide opportunities for architectural design freedom.


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