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Mooring lines: For greater water depths either deployed as single strength member or as hybrid mooring in taut, semi-taut or hold back systems. Each mooring application is considered. Tether lines: The EWT cables are light weight with proven increased failure lifetime. Moreover providing maximum strength and minimum stretch which are typically required for usage in MWA s, Single Hybrid Towers, Buoyancy Supported Riser systems and the like. TLP tendons even provide commercial and technical benefits on transport, installation and decommissioning.
Subsea lifting applications are also part of the FibreMax scope. In view of typical project requirements EWT cable engineering is to be considered to cover for these operations. The use of the EWT cables provides benefits during transport, installation and decommissioning. Cables can be spooled directly from the reel at location and handled by ROV with limited buoyancy support. Since the EWT cables are designed and manufactured with the latest fibre technology, it is always the optimum between weight, stretch, stiffness and project requirements.
FibreMax EWT cables can be provided with specific (ROV) designed handling tools at each end to improve subsea operations. Due to the light weight, seabed structures are less vulnerable to damage from broken tethers. At the same time the buoyancy elements can be smaller which is more cost effective in the end. Replacement of (broken) tethers and mooring lines can be limited to a single piece, should this occur, since the EWT production method allows for exact repeatability in length and design. Due to the absence of construction stretch there is no need for pre stretch. Since all fibres are laid parallel, the FibreMax EWT cables are torque neutral, have maximum strength and stiffness and no construction stretch. Stretch/strain data is therefore limited to load of the EWT cable in place, no need for extra corrective calculations in design and system adjustment after loading beyond pre stretch.
The EWT cable is as a standard protected by three layers polyester braiding. In addition a PU coating can be added on the top braiding. The inner braiding is coloured red to indicate excessive "wear and tear". Any type of colour for the outer braiding can be selected, in view of subsurface operations, yellow or black/white is considered as a standard. Terminations are included in the EWT cable manufacturing and will be fitted with a steel protective cover after the sealing/wrapping process. Each termination can be designed to customer’s need to fit in the project and existing connectors. FibreMax has standard terminations to fit most common connectors.
FibreMax EWT cables are supplied with ABS, DNV GL, BV or any other certificate, full MRB, RFID tags with project and cable specifics and/or engraved details in the termination for visual identification.


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