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As today’s offshore industry is rapidly exploring the possibilities of deep sea drilling and production operations, the need for alternative materials increases. As water depth increases conventional steel wire or braided rope mooring systems show a number of disadvantages that can be reduced by using lightweight cables or tethers made of synthetic fibres. Not only are synthetic cables lighter, they will also generate less downward pull on platforms which results in more payload on these platforms.

FibreMax can provide the offshore industry with cables that suit their most demanding requests. FibreMax lightweight precision cables show numerous advantages over steel wire rope or traditional (braided) rope configurations:

  • 80 to 90% lower weight than steel wire *).
  • 10% lower diameters than steel wire *).
  • 30% lower weight than braided ropes *).
  • 30% lower diameters than braided ropes *).
  • No construction stretch.
  • No "bedding in" necessary.
  • Maximum EA at 5% of MBL.
  • Can be used till 90% of MBL.
  • No yarn-to-yarn abrasion.
  • Less installation costs.
  • Lifespan up to 40 years  (depending on usage).
  • Continuous length up to 5000 meter.
  • Maintenance free.

(*) When compared at the same break load).

Cables produced by FibreMax are available in any break load and length. The significant reduction in size, stretch and weight over traditional materials as steel wire or braided ropes offer many advantages in easier handling, easier transport, safer and faster operations and downsizing of constructions.

Examples for typical FibreMax applications are:

  • Deep sea mooring
  • Tension Leg Platforms
  • Spar Platforms
  • Semi-submersible Units
  • FPSO's
  • Anchoring of buoys.
  • Heavy lifting.
  • Salvage/rescue equipment.
  • Offshore wind turbine mooring.
Mooring & Tether lines

Mooring lines: For greater water depths either deployed as single strength member or as hybrid mooring in taut, semi-taut or hold back systems. Each mooring application is considered. Tether lines: The EWT cables are light weight with proven increased failure lifetime. Moreover providing maximum strength and minimum stretch which are typically required for usage in MWA s, Single Hybrid Towers, Buoyancy Supported Riser systems and the like. TLP tendons even provide commercial and technical benefits on transport, installation and decommissioning.


To obtain more detailed information please contact:

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