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Besides removing overburden rope shovels are used to dig and load materials in surface mining. Rope shovels are used in iron ore, coal, lignite, gold or potash mining.

Rope shovels are highly productive machines that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a very demanding environment. Shovel booms are subjected to loads that vary in frequency and intensity throughout their operational life. A typical shovel phenomenon as “boom- jacking” (often related to operator failure) can cause severe cracking damage to the boom and supporting structure. The more elasticity of the FibreMax boom suspension pendants can reduce the impact of “boom-jacking” and increase the service life of both boom pendants and rope shovel parts.

Lightweight boom pendants from FibreMax are the material of choice when looking for an alternative to steel wire rope. Our boom pendants have an extreme high fatigue life that will outperform steel wire rope by a factor 5-10 or more. Our boom pendants will reduce the need for maintenance and costly downtime. Because of their light weight, which is 90% less than steel at the same break load, they are easy and safe to handle during installation.

FibreMax offers boom suspension pendants for all available rope shovels.

Dragline cables

Dragline cables are an important excavating tool used in many surface mining operations worldwide  to remove the overburden of the material being mined. Draglines are highly productive machines that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and with an average operating life of 40 years, draglines are the most productive and versatile machine in the industry.


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